terça-feira, 1 de fevereiro de 2011

Reflexões de um cantor sobre o canto do Gloria em latim

Podemos aprender muito com a experiência dos outros. Aprender, por exemplo, a ser paciente.

Para além disso, a experiência descrita parece francamente positiva. Esperemos que a nossa iniciativa trilhe um percurso semelhante.

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A friend just wrote look for a copy of Gloria XV, and so I did a quick google and found a post I put up on the New Liturgical Movement back in 2008. I had been writing about how our parish was moving from an English plainchant Gloria to a Latin Gloria, the oldest one known that is now called Gloria XV. This same tune is the one that will appear in the forthcoming new Missal but with English text.

It is strange for me to read the post, which was written days before we implemented the Latin Gloria in our own parish, and I can detect the apprehension in my voice, the sense of worry that this will be rejected in favor of the familiar one that we had been doing. I can't recall the specifics of how the new Latin Gloria turned out on the first week, but I do recall a sense of total elation about one month later, when it had become clear to all of us that the transition had worked and that the people had really taken to the Latin.

It's only two and half years later, and the Gloria in Latin with this setting (we don't use any accompaniment to any singing) is now deeply embedded in the liturgy, a part of the experience of Mass that people look forward to. In fact, I can recall one Sunday when we briefly reverted to English and the sense of annoyance that rose up from the congregation! They had invested themselves in the Latin and wanted to sing it!Why would this music group want to take it away?

Development in liturgical experience is always a process that has to be looked at with a longer range outlook that a single week can provide. Liturgy and ritual take time to become part of our inner expectations and finally part of our longings. It is never really about discreet units of time but rather the cumulative experience of many links in time that come together to become more than the sum of the parts.
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